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Google Phone = iPhone killer? Not yet…


Due giorni fa Google aveva annunciato sul suo blog il nuovo Google Phone, "Nexus One", e da allora migliaia di articoli sono apparsi su Internet e tantissimi blogger si sono scatenati nella nuova guerra di religione: è nato il killer dell'iPhone e siamo all'alba di una nuova era oppure è solo una bella operazione di marketing e non ci sarà nessuna rivoluzione?

In questo articolo su ZDNet si analizzano sinteticamente i pro e i contro del Google Phone.

Molto deciso è invece il parere di Daniel Nations che sostiene su

There is no iPhone killer in sight.

As much as the media loves to prop up any new challenger as a potential iPhone killer — whether that phone be a Palm Pre, a touchscreen Blackberry or just about any device based on Google's Android operating system — there are two truths coming in our future:

1) The Android platform will overtake the iPhone within the next few years.

2) The iPhone will be the most popular smartphone for the foreseeable future.

There will not be a single iPhone killer. Google's platform may very well be destined to become the primary operating system for mobile devices, but it won't knock the iPhone off the mountain. Apple's smartphone will remain the overall best-selling device until something even more sexy and 'cool' arrives to take its place.

In many ways, this is similar to the Apple vs IBM PC/Microsoft battle that took place decades ago. And like the IBM-compatible, the Android platform will win because it is an open platform. We'll see Android-based phone after Android-based phone, each tailored to meet the needs of a specific audience, and as it increases in market share, so will it increase in the number and variety of apps designed for it.

But like the Mac, the iPhone will continue to be a well-designed easy-to-use device and one of the most powerful smartphones available. This will drive sales and keep it on the top of the mountain for the foreseeable future. And unlike the Apple vs IBM wars, the business sector will not push the standard, which means well-designed and easy-to-use will help keep the iPhone on top.

Will the iPhone get pushed off the mountain? Certainly. If we cry "iPhone-killer" enough times, we'll probably be right… eventually. But don't expect it to be the new Google phone.